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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Well I've Never Been To England, But I Kinda Like the Beatles

This is my first post to this blog, so I'd like to start by voicing my complete distaste for the band "Three Dog Night." I was watching CNN Headline News the other night, and 2 members of TDN were being interviewed about their upcoming tour. UPCOMING TOUR??? I am one of many who believe that Three Dog Night has hidden messages in their songs that puts certain dumb Americans in a hypnotic trance that forces them to listen to, purchase and enjoy their awful music.

Proof: In the 1970s, TDN had 3 no. 1 singles, twenty Top 40 singles, including seven songs that sold over a million copies. Amazon users gave their greatest hits an average of 4.5 start. And they're still touring. What?

Further proof:
Lawrance B.'s review of their greatest hits album on Amazon .com :
"If we are going to exchange gripes about how songs on this CD are not the ones we remember listening to on the radio or our records way back when, then I want to raise my hand and say: What about the piano bit at the end of "Eli's Coming"? I have yet to hear that on either a Three Dog Night album or a hits collection from the Sixties and I miss it every time I hear the song (it is like listening to "Layla" on the radio and hoping it is the "long" version with the piano stuff).
For me the really interesting thing about Three Dog Night is that every time you listen to this collection and go wandering down memory lane, a different constellation of songs can appeal to you. Certainly we all go through times when we cannot stand to hear "Joy to the World," and there are times when I just skip "Old Fashioned Love Song" and I never listen to "Pieces of April" during prom season. My preference has always been for the earlier stuff, especially "Easy to Be Hard" and "Try a Little Tenderness." I also like "Never Been to Spain," and have never tried to explain it. So, put his album in your CD player and program it according to whatever whims control your sensibilities today. "

This guy just compared "Eli's Coming" to Derek and the Dominos' "Layla"

Take cover, because the world may soon be ending.